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Source Config

This YAML file sets properties for the ingest of a single file type from a within a Source.

Paths are relative to the directory from which you execute Koza.

Source Configuration Properties

Required properties
name Name of the data ingest, as <data source>_<type_of_ingest>,
ex. hpoa_gene_to_disease
files List of files to process
node_properties List of node properties to include in output
edge_properties List of edge properties to include in output
Note Either node or edge properties (or both) must be defined in the primary config yaml for your transform
Optional properties
file_archive Path to a file archive containing the file(s) to process
Supported archive formats: zip, gzip
format Format of the data file(s) (CSV or JSON)
sssom_config Configures usage of SSSOM mapping files
depends_on List of map config files to use
metadata Metadata for the source, either a list of properties,
or path to a metadata.yaml
transform_code Path to a python file to transform the data
transform_mode How to process the transform file
global_table Path to a global translation table file
local_table Path to a local translation table file
field_type_map Dict of field names and their type (using the FieldType enum)
filters List of filters to apply
json_path Path within JSON object containing data to process
required_properties List of properties that must be present in output (JSON only)
CSV-Specific Properties
delimiter Delimiter for csv files (Required for CSV format)
Optional CSV Properties
columns List of columns to include in output (CSV only)
header Header row index for csv files
header_delimiter Delimiter for header in csv files
header_prefix Prefix for header in csv files
comment_char Comment character for csv files
skip_blank_lines Skip blank lines in csv files

Metadata Properties

Metadata is optional, and can be defined as a list of properties and values, or as a path to a metadata.yaml file, for example - metadata: "./path/to/metadata.yaml".
Remember that the path is relative to the directory from which you execute Koza.

Metadata Properties
name Name of data source, ex. "FlyBase"
description Description of data/ingest
ingest_title *Title of source of data, map to biolink name
ingest_url *URL to source of data, Maps to biolink iri
provided_by <data source>_<type_of_ingest>, ex. hpoa_gene_to_disease (see config propery "name")
rights Link to license information for the data source

*Note: For more information on ingest_title and ingest_url, see the infores catalog

Composing Configuration from Multiple Yaml Files

Koza's custom YAML Loader supports importing/including other yaml files with an !include tag.

For example, if you had a file named standard-columns.yaml:

- "column_1"
- "column_2"
- "column_3"
- "column_4": "int"

Then in any ingests you wish to use these columns, you can simply !include them:

columns: !include "./path/to/standard-columns.yaml"

Next Steps: Mapping and Additional Data